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I hope that one day my kids will be able to say "I’ve heard my parents say sorry to me."


My parents were taught that children must obey their parents, no questions asked. There would be no arguments, fights, or talking back because they would never vocalize their disagreement. And they definitely didn't have IG posts constantly telling them to "normalize saying sorry to your kids" and "normalize changing your mind with new info." If my mom didn't like something my grandparents said or did, she would swallow it and move on—the same way my grandma did with her mother. For my mom and dad, their parents sacrificed everything and escaped a war-torn country in hopes of a better life for them and their siblings. And for what? To have their privileged, American-born daughter talking back and acting like she knows better than her parents who have lived 31 more years than her… parents who have gone through more than she ever could imagine and who gave her the life that she has today... 

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––––– Katrina Stacie, Chinese-American, 25

YouTuber in Los Angeles, CA


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